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Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook for Out-of-Body Travel

About Us

Synchronicities is a beacon for the awakening, offering opportunities to open your heart and remembering center to allow for the re-membering of the sparks of Creator that reside at the core of all life. Together as one, we will shine brighter than the brightest of galaxies.

The brightest of stars aren't brightest because they step in front of another star or outshine the other stars, in truth they aren't single stars at all. The brightest are groups of stars that join together and form galaxies which serve as a guidepost and lighthouse as they shine throughout the multiverses.

Synchronicities is a high vibration energy space that encourages and supports expansion and growth through healing, education and high vibe products and tools of all kinds.
Whether you are looking for energy work practitioners, reflexology, massage therapy, women wellness practices and education, group meditations, chakra clearing and education, remote viewing, exploration and development of psychic gifts, book clubs, support groups, arts and crafts, jewelry making, dream work, shaman journeys, readings, sister circles, exercise of mind body and spirit, or even those just needing a quiet space to sit and turn within.

Synchronicities is a safe space for reflection, renewal, sharing in all phases of awakening experiences and growth. All are welcome.

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Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook for Out-of-Body Travel

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